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nature : in the visible part of the selective absorption of substances known as pigment. Where were targeted with a certain affinity, through appropriate methods with a solid, and with a certain color fastness known as the pigment dyes. According to sources into natural dyes and synthetic dyes (or artificial dyes). According to the general chemical structure divided into dyes, anthraquinone dye, the Department of Indigo dyes, phthalocyanine dye, nitro and nitroso-dye, Fong Dyes, acridine dye, quinoline dye, thiazole dye, Oxazine dye, thiazide dye, xanthene dyes and dyes such as carbazole. 1129-National Standard (GB 6686-86), Dye (including organic pigments) on the application and performance points, including : direct dye, sulfur dyes, vat dyes, dye reaction (formerly known as reactive dyes), color dye (formerly known azoic dyes), acid dyes including the original name of weak acid dyes, acid dyes complex, neutral dyes, the media (formerly known as Acid dye media), disperse dyes, cationic dyes (including the original name of alkaline dyes), fluorescent whitening agent (which is a type of white fluorescent dyes), solvent dyes and organic pigments , edible dyes, leather dyes and others (including special purpose of the dye, such as dye laser, thermal dye, the dye varistors, increase infected material, and purity etc). Many varieties of synthetic dyes, chromatography complete, and most varieties of shiny bright, wearability Light, natural dyes for superior and can be mass-produced, low prices, a wide range of uses. Except for the large number of textile industries, as well as for paper, plastics, rubber, leather, paints, inks, food and cosmetics, photographic materials and electronic industries.

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More Detailed Data:
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