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needle penetration for petroleum products
Molecular formula :

nature : also known as petroleum products into degrees (cone penetration of petroleum products). Grease, oil asphalt and petroleum wax consistency (or hardness) of a measure. Their main quality indicators, and as a basis for demarcation brands. The required temperature, load, time, the standards body or needle Cone vertical penetration depth of samples to 1/10mm said. The use of acupuncture needles, said body into degrees. Cone said the use of cone-degrees. Cone (needle) to enter, the greater consistency smaller, more soft samples. Instead, Cone (needle) into smaller degree, the greater consistency, the more hard specimen. Grease also used for micro-cone (micro cone penetration) or cone-degree block (block cone penetration), as indicated by its consistency. Micro-degree cone to the specified conditions, the combination of body size to a standard 1 / 4 small Cone measured by degrees into the cone Grease. Determination applies to a small amount of grease samples. Micro-cone (B) and the general cone-degrees (A) The relationship can be expressed as A = 3.75B +24. Block-degree bevel is able to maintain its hardness shape of Grease at 25 ° C measured by degrees into the cone. Consistency Determination applies to the larger grease products.

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