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group orbitals
Molecular formula :

nature : the coordination compounds molecular orbital theory, matching orbital symmetry, the largest overlap and the energy is approximately 3% of the bond principle. In order to track the ligand with the Center atomic orbital symmetry of the match, we must make the ligand track packages, after which the linear combination with the Center atomic orbital symmetry of the ligand matching orbital group said ligand orbit. For example, the figure is octahedral coordination compounds, the center of the s atomic orbital symmetry with a1g (that is spherically symmetric, the octahedron are all symmetric operation, has been the original s track and wave function of symbols does not change). 6 ligand pz orbit (hereinafter referred to z) linear combination of the ligand-orbit (z1 z2 + + + zk z3 UB>4 + + z6 z5) also a1g symmetry, and the central atom s Matching orbit symmetry.

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