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MAFA;Mongare liquid;Monkil liquid;Neoasozin liquid
Molecular formula : C2H10As2FeNO6
MW : 349.71
CAS : No

nature : the commodity-proof materials% aqueous solution, was dark brown-red sauce. Rail and arsenic atom ratio of 2.5:1, including sodium arsenite 0.6% below with ammonia smell. Case caustic ammonia decomposition escape, the brown sediments out of methyl arsenic and iron hydroxide. Acid case, the first precipitation, and then slowly dissolve dissociation. The Commodities water diluted readtion transparent red, pH 8-9. Encountered a spirit stability.

Preparation : Arsenic Trioxide and sodium hydroxide reaction formation of sodium arsenite, and then dimethyl sulfate reaction methacrylate sodium arsenite ([144-21-8]). Methyl sodium arsenite solution, ferric chloride solution and the reaction of ammonia, made Tian Anguo. Fixed consumption of raw materials : arsenic two dioxide (95%) 720kg / t, dimethyl sulfate (95%) 820kg / t, solid caustic soda (Pack 100%) 130kg / t, ammonia (Pack 100%) 2800kg / t, ferric chloride (95%) 3300kg / t.

purposes : for the control of rice sheath blight, peach anthrax, anthrax and white grape rot.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
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